Please read the testimonials from people who use Tui products

Natalie M (mother), NZI've used Tui BEE BALM for years as a BARRIER CREAM for my daughter and love it. It's the only product we used on our daughter's skin, and will be the only barrier product we buy for our next baby. We love that the ingredients are all natural and safe to use, how a little goes a long way, that the cream soothes and prevents rashes, and that the beeswax acts as a natural barrier and makes cleaning baby bottoms so much easier. (April 2013)
Caroline H (mother), Leigh, NZI'm a Mum of two and I can honestly say as a family from pregnancy to present day we have used your products and wouldn't be without them. I am a huge fan of the THROAT & CHEST rub for the whole family. We use the Tui BEE BALM every day - children's bottoms (neither of them have ever had nappy rashes), cuts, mosquito bites, dry skin around the nose / lips when teething. (July 2013)
Te Hani Burns (mother), NZMy 2 month old boy had eczema all over his chest and lower part of his face. When he was just one month old the doctors gave me all sorts to use on his skin.... which only stopped it from getting too dry, and it still looked really bad. Then my mum gave me a pottle of your Tui BEE BALM, and it has almost disappeared! I also use it on my 3 year old boy who has had constant eczema on his legs and arms and now he has just a tiny bit on the backs of his legs. So thank you! (Aug 2011)
Rosemary, NZI am an active 60yr old woman who enjoys the outdoors and would like to share with you the benefits of Tui BEE BALM. I have been using this product for some time now and have discovered how great it is especially if I apply it everyday on my fairly dry skin, and it just magically gets rid of all those little Basil Cell Carcinoma Spots that appear. My mother who is 92 and who in the past went regularly to the Specialist to have her skin cancer treated, has also discovered the benefits and is finding that as long as she applies it everyday, has not needed to go to the Specialist for treatment. (Nov2008)
Nicky H-P (midwife), Palmerston North, NZYour Tui BEE BALM continues to be really popular, and I have been using it for massage as well. The HERBAL LIFT has a lovely smell and I’ve used it for labour massage. (May 2013)
Emma G, NZI have tattoos and Tui BEE BALM has been an asset in helping my tattoos heal. It works better than any tattoo goo or cream. It doesn't sting and it makes my skin soft. (June 2013)
Alan G, NZJust a big note of thanks about your LIP BALM. I'm currently having radiation therapy which has made my lips pretty rough. Your lip balm has made it all much better. (March 2013)
Elizabeth (mother), Dunedin, NZMy baby recently had a very bad cold, so I mixed THROAT & CHEST with Bee Balm to apply to her chest, and used a little VANILLA LIP BALM to ease a cracked nose. All worked and I was very impressed as was my doctor.
Michelle F, Wellington, NZI just wanted to say thank you for helping make my week long tramp through the Able Tasman an enjoyable bite free experience. I used your BUG BALM on myself and my daughter and we didn't get bitten once, while the people around us had plenty of itchy bites - until they borrowed some balm off us! (Dec 2012)
Roy (massage therapist), Dunedin, NZAs a regular user of Tui Balms products I can highly recommend them. I use their range of MASSAGE BALMS at my practise and during teaching for Otago University Recreational Services. The massage balms are of a consistently high quality and Tui's friendly and efficient administration and delivery service make them a pleasure to do business with.
Erica v S (physiotherapist), Takaka, NZI need a new pot of your fabulous MYOFASCIAL RELEASE BALM please! Best massage balm I have ever used. (Dec 2012)
Loretta R (massage therapist), New Plymouth, NZJust to say congratulations for the time you have put your wonderful energies into the MASSAGE BALMS. I find them a great value for elderly skin. My ladies remark on how their skin fells so much smoother. I also encourage them to use the Tui BEE BALM. This is a wonderful product one that has many healing uses. My son burnt his back. He started applying the balm each day and night after the scar tissue had healed and the scaring is almost nil. I use the WARMING & EASING BALM on my knee that bothers me and after rubbing it in my knee and legs feel so much better. It really helps with circulation. So bless you Tui Balms, there is something for everyone and everything. (October 2009)
Linda, AustraliaI buy Tui MASSAGE BALMS to use professionally in Shiatsu treatments and to sell to those clients. They are of a consistently high quality and effective at a medicinal level. Thank You. (Nov 2009)
Dick W (massage therapist), USATui products are fantastic in quality, usability, consistency and cost effectiveness. I find the MASSAGE AND BODY BALM easy to use with superior glide for long duration, deep-tissue forearm work. It is a great moisturizer, non-staining and "A little goes a long, long way." I feel that the COOLING & SOOTHING and the WARMING & EASING are far superior to the other commercial products on the market. Overall, I feel that Tui Products have definitely helped enlarge my client base.
Justine H (dancer), Auckland, NZTui MASSAGE BALM: Loaded with natural ingredients that not only feel good but smell nice too. So nice to have a rub down at the end of the day (or during rehearsals) and feel the effects immediately. I can’t get enough of them! (Aug 2011)
Maggie C (dairy farmer), Taranaki, NZI'm a dairy Farmer in Taranaki and use your LAVENDER and WARMING BALM most of the season. The Lavender I use for sore cracked teats, the Warming Balm is the one I use most and I use this for Mastitis. I massage it into the udder for a good 5 to 10mins it is an amazing product and works well. I'm not a great believer in antibiotics so being able to use natural is very important to me. (Sept 2012)