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A short history

In the early 80s, Tui Bee Balm was designed by Colin Isles, combining only natural ingredients to create a multi-purpose soothing & healing skin care balm. The recipe was gifted to the newly formed Tui Community in Golden Bay, New Zealand, in 1984.

For the first few years, the balms were hand-made with voluntary co-operative effort by the community residents. Over the years, new recipes were created and the range increased to include balms for specific uses as well as a range for all-over body massage.

From its humble beginnings, the co-operative has steadily grown, now providing local employment for 13 part-time staff. Tui Balms is still based at Tui Community, Wainui Bay, though nowadays at its own purpose-built premises.

Tui Balms has become the supreme medium for massage. After 30 years in business, we now have a very solid following of massage & health practitioners as well as private customers in NZ and Australia, and many internet customers scattered throughout the world. To meet the demand in Europe and the UK, Tui Balms is also being produced under licence in the UK by Songbird Naturals.

What sort of balms?

Tui Balms are a natural healing & skin care range that is gently effective, GE free and guaranteed altogether natural. We take pride in the high quality of ingredients used. Tui Balms is a certified cruelty-free company by Choose Cruelty Free Limited as the whole product range is not tested on animals.

Not an ordinary business

Tui Balms is a workers' co-operative whereby we aim to improve our working together continuously and set an example for a sustainable co-created business model.
We operate with minimal management hierarchies and a flat wage structure that values the participation in the business, rather than creating premiums for personal skills. Decision-making within the co-operative is generally by consensus on all important matters. Consequently, every staff member’s contribution to the business is seen as equally important.

To learn more about who we are and where Tui Balms are made, please watch our video.

Benefitting many

All the profits of Tui Balms that are not used to develop the business (at least 5% of all sales) are donated to NZ registered charitable trusts. The range of charities receiving our donations has been extensive and 24 charities benefited from our turnover in the 2018/19 financial year. This year we were able to donate a total of $46,128!

Donee organisations in 2019 included:



Latest news

Presenting to You: A short-film about us!

We welcome you into our world at the end of McShane Road to learn about the pleople and place where Tui Balms are made. You can view our 4min video here.

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